Wild Rooster
Based in Austin, Texas

Founding date:
June 3rd, 2011


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Retro Game Crunch
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Rusty Moyher is an independent game developer in Austin, Texas. Games are his passion. Wild Rooster is his brand.


Early history

Rusty Moyher began creating games in 2011. Moving from independent filmmaking to independent games, he began creating experiences targeting iOS. After six months he released Box Cat, a retro arcade smasher for iPhone and iPad. Box Cat was received well critically and commercially and helped fund the next phase of development.

Phase 2

Encouraged, he began exploring ideas for a larger "Game 2". After six months of prototyping and experimentation, Rusty settled on a four player space brawler called Astro Duel. To break from this complex followup, he created a tabletop hand frenzy for iPad called Bloop. The simple, engaging design of Bloop lead to a finalist spot at IndieCade 2012.

Retro Game x 7

In August 2012 Rusty teamed up with Shaun Inman and Matt Grimm to create Super Clew Land for the 24th Ludum Dare game jam. It was their first time working together and it was a blast! They hatched a plan to make six more games and Kickstarted it. Retro Game Crunch was released as a complete package to the world in March 2014.

Astro Astro Astro

After on-and-off work for a couple years, Astro Duel was completed and released for iPad in July 2014. With more ideas still to explore here, a free standalone companion game called Astro Party was released later that year. Astro Party went on to become a cult hit at middle schools and high schools in the US. Three years later, over ten thousand games of Astro are played every school day. In early 2016 Astro Duel was released for Windows and Mac on Steam. Just over a year later, an expanded version with support for up to six players was released on Nintendo Switch.



Astro Duel Deluxe - Launch Trailer YouTube

Retro Game Crunch - Trailer YouTube

Bloop - Gameplay Video YouTube

Box Cat - Trailer YouTube

Bloop - Interview YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "IndieCade East - Official Selection" - Bloop, 2013
  • "Touch Arcade's Best Group Games of 2012" - Bloop, 2012
  • "Games for Change ANZ - Official Selection" - Bloop, 2012
  • "IndieCade - Finalist" - Bloop, 2012
  • "JaredTA's Best Cat Games of 2011" - Box Cat, 2011

Selected Articles

  • "Who knew an innocent kitty could wreck so many cars?"
    - Apple, @AppStore
  • "[Box Cat] is a great bite-sized retro masterpiece"
    - Jason Wadsworth, 148apps.com
  • "Box Cat comes highly recommended, as a quick arcade fix with lasting power."
    - Torbjorn Kamblad, Touch Gen
  • "Bloop for iOS is an aggressive, finger-pointing free-for-all."
    - Jamin Warren, Kill Screen

Rusty Moyher on Twitter
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Rusty Moyher
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