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Release date:
July 23, 2014

Steam - PC/Mac
App Store - iPad/AppleTV


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Astro Duel is a competitive local multiplayer party game. Rounds are quick and death is sudden. Blast your friends using asteroid-style ships. Run over their helpless bodies for good measure. Ships can be armed with offensive and defensive pickups including missiles, lasers, jousters and shields. Rich, varied arenas provide a host of hiding places and hazards. Use barriers and asteroids as cover. Avoid turrets, death beams, and black holes or you're dead.


Growing up playing couch multiplayer games was awesome. Endless nights of Bomberman. Mario Kart. NBA Jam. Ever sentimental for the good old days, I started working on a game that tries to recapture these warm feelings. A staying-up-till-2am-battling-my-favorite-people simulator. After on-and-off work for a couple years, Astro Duel was released in July 2014. In early 2016 Astro Duel was released for Windows and Mac on Steam. In early 2017, Rusty teamed up with Panic Button to release Astro Duel Deluxe on Nintendo Switch.


  • 13 dynamic arenas
  • Ship Hunters, Pilot Hunters and Team Deathmatch game modes
  • Computer AI with two levels of difficulty
  • A variety of game modifiers
  • (Desktop) Play with a keyboard or add up to four game controllers
  • (iOS) Play using just the iPad or add iPhones for more players
  • (iOS) MFi game controller support


Nintendo Switch - Launch Trailer YouTube

Steam Launch Trailer YouTube

Gameplay Video YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Greatest Party Games" Apple 2015
  • "Official Selection" Fantastic Arcade 2014
  • "Official Selection" Bit Bash 2015
  • "Official Selection" Indie Bits 2016

Selected Articles

  • "If you dig single device local multiplayer, get this game."
    - Eli Hodapp, Touch Arcade

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About Wild Rooster

Rusty Moyher is an independent game developer in Austin, Texas. Games are his passion. Wild Rooster is his brand.

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Astro Duel Credits

Rusty Moyher
Game Design, Programming, Art

Julia Lopez-Mobilia
Icon Design